Artist and Textile Designer

Handmade Artisan Textiles, which often incorporate hand spun fleece, plant dyed yarns and recycled materials.


Hand Woven Artisan Textiles.

My work is inspired by the landscape and particularly the East Yorkshire Coast.  Often the traditional skills of spinning and natural dyeing are used in the process of making. However, with a fine art background, I also enjoy experimenting with unexpected combinations of materials. This has resulted in me using weave structures and yarns, which allow me to incorporate recycled materials and objects found on the beach.

My interest in spinning wool came from owning Gotland sheep and I am intrigued to investigate how much cloth can be made from a single fleece. In a fast moving digital world, I aim to create textiles, which still retains the energy of the maker and a sense of the animal, which provided the yarn. The desire to make products with character and integrity are at the heart of my making.

I am influenced by ethnic textiles and contemporary issues of sustainability.





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