Artist and Textile Designer

Hand Woven Artisan Textiles - Inspired by the East Yorkshire Coast and Incorporating Hand Spun Fleece from Pet Sheep and Rare Breed Flocks.


Hand Woven Artisan Cushions.


Hand woven cushions are made, which incorporate the traditional skill of  hand spun yarn.  The fleece is from British sheep and alpacas, who have been reared in rare breed or pet flocks. The wool comes from sheep who often have a name, not just a number and are owned by farmers and small holders who passionately wish to preserve a historical breed or care for their flock in an ethical way. Each product can be traced back to the individual sheep and the land where it was reared.  Hand woven yarn has a character and energy not possible to achieve through mechanised processes.

Design inspiration is from the East Yorkshire Coast and its rugged coastline of chalk cliffs and seaweed ridden rock pools, together with the old weathered fishing boats and their crab pots. Colour is predominantly achieved through the natural colour of the fleece and plant dyed yarns.







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